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Challenges of Service Marketing in the Age of Digitalisation

  • As a service provider, do you have problems finding suitable new customers?
  • Do you have the impression that you are wasting time and money during the acquisition process because you are not yet making full use of the online sales opportunities?
  • Have you successfully completed projects and have the impression that hardly any new prospects hear about them because they are not looking for them on your website?
  • How are you currently managing content about completed projects in your company? Is it efficient enough, using e.g. maybe Excel lists, internal databases, file servers or content management systems?
  • Do you get stressed when interested parties request current project references within the scope of their inquiries?
  • Do you have valuable, specialized skills, but cannot fully utilize them in every project because the customer requirements do not fully match your performance profile?

Our Solution:
Project Reference Management & Reference Marketing as a Service

With we guarantee that

  • The documentation of your projects will be as easy and efficient as possible
  • Your data is secure and available to you online at all times
  • Your project data is more usable for you, in-house and for your marketing and sales
  • As a suitable service provider, your target group can find you better - on, and via search engines

Step 1: The SaaS Solution

Reference management for better marketing of your service portfolio

Document your projects in a central system, with high quality, easily and efficiently in a team.

Use your project data for your marketing and sales by always having the right project references ready as a web profile page, PDF or Powerpoint - or via API.

Project references with positive customer voices are an effective and cost-effective instrument for acquiring new customers - especially in the case of solutions that require explanation.

Simply have your project references confirmed online and create additional acceptance and trust with your customers.

Step 2: The Online Marketing Solution

Lead generator for B2B and B2C service providers

Present your service portfolio using meaningful project references and you will be found as a suitable service provider.

Every published project reference increases your findability on the net, on, and via search engines.

Instead of constantly sending customers advertising messages, convince them on with content that your customers are searching for online - with your attractively presented project references.

Your free company profile linked to the project references on contains all relevant content of a professional company website.

Project references and company profiles published on automatically generate new customer contacts of particularly high quality.

Step 3: The platform for project references

Our goal: matching businesses - across industries, EU-wide is the central, cross-sector platform for project references and optimizes the online search for the right service provider.

Interested parties use to optimize their procurement process and get an overview more quickly: Buyers choose the industry, filter according to self-determined search criteria and only see the projects that are very similar to what they are planning. They use teamwork functions for efficient selection and invite only 2-3 service providers into the pitch, instead of 8-12 as before.

Like news on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, like job offers on StepStone or Monster, like videos on YouTube or Vimeo, your project references are now also published centrally on and thus more visible.

We will optimize procurement processes and online research for suitable service providers in the long term.

Our Advantages

  • creates industry-specific standards for the recording of service portfolios and project references and makes service companies and their services comparable for users for the first time according to individually specified criteria.
  • Standardized input and filter criteria are based on user-generated content structuring and enable a new type of matching quality - and the best search results for complex questions.
  • The industry-specific, structured documentation of project references as well as the filterability and comparability are permanently and automatically improved by the co-creation process.
  • Supplemented by collaboration functionalities, creates an experience-based, technically complex, but very easy-to-use system for the user.
  • Continuous innovation & years of in-house development of the technology by content management and social software experts
  • Unbeatable price-performance ratio with Pay per Use: You only pay for what you want to use.

Many service providers rush from project to project - and forget to provide the most important information they have - their successfully completed projects - online in a reasonable way. Attractive, findable, cross-linked, emphasizing the USPs.

Some service providers do provide information about successfully completed projects on their website, in the form of news and on social media - there the information rushes through the feeds and is already out of sight tomorrow.

You don't rely on these channels for your products or job offers - no, you spread the information more widely, transfer it to more central platforms, use their reach and benefit from it.

There was no comprehensive platform for reference projects - that's why we started

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